Landscape Lighting
Waco, Texas is the home of Baylor University which about 16,000 students is one of the nation’s top Baptist universities. According to “Ken Starr, who investigated President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, is the school’s president. The university’s student conduct code banned dancing until 1996…” The school has experienced quite a bit of controversy in recent years in regards to the football team.
The Dr. Pepper Museum is situated in historic Waco, Texas. The roots of Waco are based in the cotton industry of the 1800s and the railroad boosted the economy. A visit to historic Waco will leave a lasting impression. According to “Since 2014, Waco has gained fame because of the hugely popular HGTV show Fixer Upper, starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, a Waco couple who rehabilitate historic properties across the city.”
Businesses in and around the Waco area will greatly benefit form the appeal of landscape lighting. Hiring a professional team to install and maintain the landscape lighting system is just as important choosing the system layout. H&M Landscape and Sprinkler specializes in installing the proper system to fit business’ needs. Low voltage systems are a solid alternative to high-energy consumption systems. Options are limitless and the lighting style is the first key in determining which system will present the view that is desired.
According to, there are a few different lighting options that are commonly used in standard installations, a few are included here. A soft, diffuse light is ideal for brightening flat facades, privacy fences, and garden walls. Bulbs that project a narrow beam are good for precisely lighting house features, tree trunks, and garden structures. Use well lights to illuminate the underside of plant foliage or graze the base of a facade or wall. Flood fixtures, often located high on trunks and branches, can be aimed at lawns, paths, or the tree’s own foliage to create a moonlit effect.
Regardless of your preference in lighting effect, H&M Landscape and Sprinkler is the most capable installation company in Waco and the surrounding areas. If you desire a garden of beauty and comfort, quality services, and the best value, look no further than H&M Landscape and Sprinkler.
One of the most overlooked aspects of the service that H&M Landscape and Sprinkler provides is our customer service. Just as every staff member and installation technician is important to our success, so is every client. And because of that fact, high quality customer service is a priority in every interaction. The personal touch of discovering a customer’s style needs is the key to successfully producing the perfect look for each client.
Our team really shines in the commercial realm because we understand how to frame the architecture and outer appearance of an office building or facility. An inviting outer appearance is a curbside draw for a company and H&M Landscape and Sprinkler is here to deliver top notch curb appeal.

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